The Benefits Of Homeschooling

If you’re thinking of homeschooling your child, then there are several things you should know. Prior to covering all the benefits of homeschooling, let’s first cover the negatives. This way, you will know right off the bat if it’s something you can handle.

The biggest negative is that you will be with your child all the time, day and night. That might sound a little cold, but regardless of how much you love your child, everyone needs a little space sometimes. If you’re with your child at all times, then there might be instances where you lose your patience and snap, which isn’t a positive for child development. Another negative is justifying this decision to your friends and family. However, that will pass. Perhaps the biggest perceived negative is a lack of social development for your child. This is true, but there are many programs where homeschooling parents get together with each other, which can present bonding opportunities for your children, and also for you.

Fortunately, the positives for homeschooling outweigh the negatives. The biggest positive is that you will have total control over the pace of your child’s learning. If your child were in a school, then they would be at the mercy of the pace of the class. This can be a detriment to learning because some children will be way behind and slow down the rest of the class, not allowing others to maximize their educational opportunities. Also, since you’re in control of the pace of learning, you could work on your child’s weaker areas while allowing him to thrive in his stronger areas, thereby putting him well ahead of the learning pace of others at his age.

Of course, one simply benefit to homeschooling that shouldn’t be overlooked is one-on-one attention. It has been proven time and time again that a lower student-to-teacher ratio leads to better education. Therefore, it’s clear that a ratio of 1:1 is going to lead to exceptional results, even if your child suffers from a learning disability.

An often overlooked advantage to homeschooling is that you can take your child out to lunch during the school day. You can also take your child on a vacation during the school year. This will make him feel special, which will lead to him appreciating the homeschooling method.

A final advantage is the absence of negative influences, such as bullying, swearing, drugs, and more. It’s nice not to have to worry about such things when you’re educating your child from home.

Once again, the benefits to homeschooling greatly outweigh the negatives. It’s something that caring parents should consider.